winner cricket bat

You don’t have to win a competition to get the ‘Pro Treatment’ at B3 Cricket. Our aim is to give every customer their perfect bat, you tell us what you like, try some bats in our new net facility and when you’ve decided what suits you best we can either pick from our hundreds of ready made bats or make you one from scratch within a few days!

Obviously if you can pop down to the factory then that’s great but if you’re further away, we can do it over the phone or via a Skype call.

Our customers who can’t visit the factory are re-assured by our unique “Ping Guarantee” which means that if we make you a bat and you don’t like the weight, feel, shape or ping – then simply send it back and we’ll make you a new one!

Oh, and in case you have not heard, we also won the best bat in this years ALL OUT CRICKET gear test. This is a “blind gear test” – none of the bats are labelled so the judges don’t have a clue which bat is which. They choose on quality, pick up and most importantly – performance