Signum Pro Ultra Adult Cricket Bat


Inspired by request from several top pro players for a meaty, full profile bat. The Signum ticks all the boxes and is huge throughout with no concaving. Special emphasis has also gone into a strong shoulder and toe to help withstand the forces of the modern game.

Why ‘Ultra’Because the bat is slightly thinner (2mm) than the standard 108mm bat width for an adult blade. This enables the weight to be distributed into other areas of the bat whilst maintaining outstanding balance, a beautiful pick-up in a mid to low weight range.

ONLY AVAILABLE in Adult size and from our Elite Pro Grade willow.

  • Weight range: 2lb 9oz to 3lb
  • Mid Middle (205mm from the toe)
  • Concaving: None
  • Bow: Pressed in a mild bow
  • Handle: Options include round, slight oval, and oval
  • Toe Profile: Standard