In January, we re-launched our Series Range. The 3 old shapes, the DB1, DB2, and DB3 were replaced by 4 fantastic bats that are already proving a massive hit with our customers. Below we explain the 2020 Series Range:



TEMPO is based upon the ever popular DB1 and is still a traditional shape bat, suited to both front and back foot players.

The Tempo provides a generous spine and big edges, yet, still provides a beautifully balanced, light pickup. This bat features mild concaving through the back of the bat, which means we can achieve weights as low as 2’7 but still ensure there is plenty of power. (Weights from 2’7” for an adult bat)



Imperium is the Latin word meaning ‘absolute power’!

It still takes its origins from the former DB2 and was originally designed with the southern hemisphere cricketer in mind. However, this shape is very much the current trend with many pros and is proving a big hit with B3 customers around the world.

A mid-middle and fuller profile ensure plenty of power all throughout the blade. A bat suited for the batsman who wants to see something happen on the field! (Weights from 2’9” for an adult bat)



The new B3 SUBLIME has a mid-low swell, and yet, as the name would suggest, picks up amazingly.

For those who like the feel of a lower middle but still want great pick up for all round stroke play, the Sublime is perfect. Weights start as low as 2’8” and go up to 3lb for those who can handle it. (Weights from 2’7” for an adult bat)



Go against the conventional with the latest addition to our Series range, the B3 Maverick!

With a slightly shorter blade and longer handle, the Maverick has evolved from our ever-popular custom shape, the 32.2.

The Maverick provides an unbelievable feel, balance and manoeuvrability. Ideal for T20’s and 360-degree stroke play, this shape is currently favoured by several pro players who love the sense of power provided by the big edges and duck bill toe when they take guard and look down their B3 belter! (Weights from 2’9” for an adult bat)

Don’t Forget to Choose Your Stickers!

Once you’ve selected the Series bat that suits you can personalise it with your own choice of stickers and grip. There are 15 different stickers to choose from.