The B3 Ambassador Programme supports the following:

  • Talented Young Players (U18)
  • Senior Players
  • Coaches and Referral Partners

In return for our support, we expect our Ambassadors to help B3 grow the brand in their cricketing circles. We expect a B3 Ambassador to represent the brand in a positive manner, both on and off the field.

Conditions And Expectations

Verification of your application
An initial offer is made subject to final verification that your application is factual and you meet the necessary criteria. Upon successful verification you will be expected to adhere to the following:

Bats and Kit

  • You will be entitled to discounts from our bats and kit as agreed.
  • Discounts on bats and kit are solely for your own use unless agreed in writing by a B3 Director.
  • You will use all B3 bats and not mix brands.

Minimum expectations are:

  • Batsman: you will use a B3 bat, batting pads and batting gloves.
  • Wicket Keepers: you will use B3 wicket keeping gloves and pads.
  • Luggage: this is optional, but we would prefer you to use B3 luggage if possible.
  • The Ambassador discount on cricket bats only applies to our Elite Plus and Pro Grade willow. If an Ambassador wishes to purchase lower grades then the relevant discount will be at the discretion of B3.

Positive Promotion of B3 Cricket

  • You will be expected to positively promote and recommend B3 at every relevant opportunity.
  • If relevant, you will Follow us on the respective social media channels you use.
  • Where relevant, you will Like, Share, Retweet etc… the posts you think might be of interest to your own social media followers.
  • As well as the above it would be great if you could get us involved at your cricket club. On the B3 website we have a ‘Club Zone’ section which show how we help cricket clubs. If you can make the committee members aware of what we do, this would be very much appreciated.

Ideas that may help us grow B3 and also help your club include:

  • Arrange a club night.
  • Use our B3 Raffle Bat fund raiser to bring cash to the club.
  • Share the free B3 Coaching Hub videos and tips.
  • Introduce B3 Teamwear in conjunction with SS to the relevant person at the club.

The above promotional ideas will hopefully provide some inspiration! Obviously, we don’t expect everyone to do all of the above, especially our young players.

Our aim is always to build a mutually beneficial partnership with our Ambassadors, parents and coaches and show the world the B3 Difference!