You’ve Just Experienced the B3 Difference

Last month I was doing a shift on the B3 webchat when I engaged in a conversation with a chap from New Zealand, Bryan Astwood, who was on a search for a bat for his son Ben.

Bryan explained, “My son Ben is a skinny lad that is just about to turn seventeen and embarking on his first season in top grade senior cricket.” Bryan added, “he would like a full profile bat, and with him being a slight build and potentially facing international standard pace bowling on quick wickets, the weight, pickup, and balance of a bat are extremely important.”

“I am nervous about ordering without being able to hold the bat physically.”

Bryan went on to express is concerns at buying another bat online; “Having purchased bats online in the past, I am nervous about ordering without being able to hold the bat physically. The last bat I ordered was supposed to be 2Ib 8.5oz, and when it arrived, it weighed in at 2Ib 11oz but felt even heavier than that.

I took the bat to a local bat maker; he explained that the cleft the bat was made from was a heavy cleft and that without removing willow and increasing the scoop, this bat was never going to weigh any less than 2Ib 9 or 10 oz.”

Series Range – The Imperium

We continued our virtual conversation and further discussed the finer detail of the willow he was looking for. In addition to the weight and full profile, we discussed the shape of the handle and the size of the blade.

From what Bryan sought out of the perfect bat, I recommended the Imperium from our Series range. This bat was recently launched in the Southern Hemisphere and was designed based upon feedback from a number of our Antipodean customers and professional players.

Peace of Mind

“Run by Cricketers! We are passionate about what we do & understand our customer’s needs.”

Ben Astwood with his new Imperium

What Bryan explained is not uncommon, and we come across this conundrum quite a lot when our customers are looking to buy a bat a from further afield. They just aren’t 100% comfortable buying a bat without holding it in their hands first.

At B3, we help our customers overcome this worry in the following ways:

First and foremost, B3 Cricket is run by cricketers for cricketers. Everyone on the team either plays or has played the beautiful game, and we are passionate about what we do and understanding our customers’ needs. Whether you are on our doorstep or the other side of the world, we will always go out of our way to deliver excellent customer service.

We offer a personal, handpicked, concierge service. I explained to Bryan that I understood his concerns and that I would personally pick the cleft and send him a video via WhatsApp of the chosen willow and keep him updated through our production process.

Finally, I re-assured him with our no quibble Ping Guarantee! No, that doesn’t mean you get a free golf club….it basically means that if the delivered bat did not meet their expectations, then they could return it, and we would start again and make him another.

It’s Arrived

“It is most definitely the best bat Ben or I have owned.”

Bryan purchased his Imperium bat, and we kept to our promise and updated him throughout the production process. Here’s the email that we received on the arrival of the Imperium.

Hi Paul,
We received the Imperium bat today. What a stunner. We could not be any happier with it. The value for money is outstanding. You guys really have outdone yourselves. After many disappointments from other bat manufacturers, it is so nice to have found someone able to supply a bat exactly as asked for. Thank you very much for your service and expertise in supplying a bat that has exceeded our expectations. You are absolutely spot on with the shape being suitable for pitches down under. Shopping for bats has now become a whole lot easier, B3 all the way.
Bryan Astwood

And again 2 weeks after the arrival

Hi Paul,
The Imperium is now behaving well beyond expectations. It was initially a bit flat in its ping, but now that it is fully netted in, it is an absolute belter for sure. It is most definitely the best bat Ben or I have owned.
Bryan Astwood

Going the Extra Mile

The scenario above is common, and this expert and personal approach towards our customers, along with our unique bat making facility, is at the foundation of what we do. We believe that winning a customer is only half the job, and we work tirelessly to make sure our customers receive a friendly professional service, ,which will hopefully provide B3 with a happy customer for years to come.

Since receiving his Imperium, Bryan has ordered a second bat in a LE grade along with the B3 wheelie duffle bag.

Bryan and Ben, thank you for your custom, and congratulations, you have just experienced the B3 Difference!