We always enjoy welcoming young cricketers and their parents/grand parents to our factory in Nottingham. With pre-season training in full swing and the new English cricket season just a few months away, the February half term is always a busy week for us at B3.

For a young cricketer, the size and weight of a cricket bat are crucial aspects of their development within the game. At B3, we take great pride in knowing that when they leave our factory, they are not only well equipped to make the most of their opportunities but are also well educated in the fine art of bat making.

For more information with regards to choosing the correct size of cricket bat, please click here

He’s just a few of the thank you emails we received following our busy half term week.

Luca with his pride and joy!

Melanie Pemberton (Mum to Luca)
Hi Paul
I just got home now. Thank you so much for today, you have been amazing, and Luca has enjoyed every minute. I can’t wait to see him try his new bat and will be in touch about the bag in the next few weeks/months. I will also be recommending you to the other Lancs parents. Thank you again, Melanie

Tom with his B3 belter!

Mike West (Grandad to Tom)
Tom and I very much enjoyed our visit … Richard looked after us when we returned, and we had a really good chat with him about the development of the company and bat design. Tom was particularly interested in the ‘old’ bats you had in the shop that belonged to ex test players. Please thank Richard for me. Tom is ‘chuffed’ with the bat, just got to do the knocking in now, it wont be rushed. I hope we get some decent weather in the ‘summer’ and a chance for him to make plenty of runs with it. Once again, many thanks for looking after us, it was a very positive experience …

Luka B3’d up and ready for action!

Shaun Ruane (Dad to Luka)

Thanks for everything today Paul, We enjoyed the whole experience
I am knocking the bat in at the moment HAPPY DAYS
Regards Shaun

Smile Louie you’ve got a B3

Martin Evans (Dad to Louie)

No worries Paul, nice to meet you too.
I would just like to say what a class act you and your set up are. I have never been to anyone before who has advised us to spend less money (customers for life now). Louie is knocking his new pride and joy in as I write this(sounds like we have a woodpecker loose in the house). Once again, many thanks, mate.
Cheers Martin