Cricketers and all top coaches agree that choosing the correct cricket bat size is vital for the proper technical development of young cricketers. It is important that the bat is not too long and more importantly, not too heavy. A bat that is too heavy will hinder correct stroke play and good technique, especially on the cross bat shots like the pull and the cut.

Monitoring Growth and Development

For this reason junior bats are scaled down in both size and weight. It’s vital to go for a bat size and weight that is correct for the size, strength and stage of the young player’s cricket development.

Often the temptation by young players is to go for a bigger, heavier bat because they think it looks good and they will hit the ball further. Also parents, especially those who aren’t cricketers themselves, tend to look at the costs of bats and sometimes when the player is growing year on year – it is tempting to go for a size or two up with the theory that they, “they will grow into it”.

It is important to gradually increase the bat size and weight in line with the player’s growth. We will also consider the estimated full grown height – usually looking at the parents is a fair indication.

Expert Advice

Here at B3 we try to work with parents and coaches to make sure a young player gets the right size and weight. We have put together then our Cricket Bat Size Guide below. This is a general guide and there are exceptions to the rule, especially when players are fully grown and above or below the average height. That’s where our custom and bespoke service comes into play.

Personal or Virtual Sizing!

If you are able to come into the showroom, then we can go through the correct sizing process in person with one of our experts. Alternatively, we can talk over the phone or Skype and ascertain where you are at with your current bat and help you ensure you get the sizing right.

Which Cricket Bat Size do I need

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