Pulse BG 22 trio


June 24, 2022

You may recall us announcing a few weeks ago that we would launch our new bat sticker range to coincide with the launch of our new website.

Well, the coincide bit is out of the window ….. Sorry!

The websites not quite ready, but the new bat stickers have arrived, and we can’t wait to show you!

We are over the moon with the design and quality of the stickers. We think we have managed to keep the classic B3 look but added a modern twist and branding that is more identifiable to those unfamiliar with our brand.

The new stickers will also incorporate our revised grading names. As a customer or subscriber to B3 Cricket, you will be familiar with our ‘Stripe’ willow grade naming.

  • 1 Stripe – Grade 3 English Willow
  • 2 Stripe – Grade 2 English Willow
  • 3 Stripe – Grade 1 English Willow

We listen to our customers, and although established customers are acquainted with the current naming, we have found that new customers, especially when purchasing online, can find it a little confusing.

So in line with the new website and stickers, we will be changing the grading naming to the following:

  • Excel (1 Stripe) Grade 3 English Willow
  • Elite (2 Stripe) Grade 2 English Willow
  • Elite Plus (3 Stripe) Grade 1 English Willow