Our Story

The Background

B3 Cricket was founded in 2012 by Michael Blatherwick, Dr David Bacon and Russell Evans. David and Russell have a deep history within the cricket industry, having worked for Gunn & Moore (GM) for 7 and 20 years respectively.

In the mid-nineties, a lot of the big bat brands were sending English willow to India to be made into cricket bats because labour was cheap. GM wanted to keep their manufacturing in the UK and David was brought in from Sheffield Hallam University to look at the potential to use machines to replace the traditional hand carving methods, known as “pod shaving", to shape cricket bats. This resulted in the implementation of CAD (computer aided design) and specialist CNC (computer numerically controlled) machines.

The Light Bulb Moment

Whilst this ground-breaking technology was perfect for mass production, David and Russell realised that the top professional players still wanted individually made bats to accommodate their own unique, very specific requirements.

This set David thinking…

What if you could use similar technology to make custom bats for amateur cricketers at an affordable price?

What if amateur cricketers could get the same “custom design" choices that a top professional gets?

David devised a method of slowing the process down by using a different, specially adapted CNC machine. This would enable them to make individually designed bats for amateur cricketers.

Only one problem remained, the costs of production were quite high and they realised that bats made this way might be too pricy for many junior and club cricketers.

Cutting out the Middle Man

At this stage Russell contacted his old friend and local businessman, Michael Blatherwick, to discuss the ideas for B3 Cricket. During discussions they realised that the price issue would be resolved if they sold direct to the customer rather than sell the bats through retailers who added a sizeable margin.

Using his IT industry knowledge, Michael was confident that B3 could grow using the power of the internet and social media to reach their customers directly. By dealing directly, B3 could offer a better, more personal service and supply a totally bespoke cricket bat at a price below that of a similar grade bat in a sports shop.

B3 was now a viable business proposition. A cricket bat company that would revolutionise the cricket bat world!

B3 Cricket is Born

B3 Cricket was launched in October 2012 to provide cricketers with a revolutionary way of choosing, specifying and buying their cricket bat.

Since then the company has grown rapidly and today, B3 is an established cricket bat brand.

We also sell all the associated protective equipment (pads, helmets, gloves etc...) as well as our luggage range. B3 is now a complete “one stop shop" for cricketers all over the world.

Since 2012 we have sold 1000's of B3 Belters! Click on the following link to see our Testimonials.

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