Shaan Masood

Cricket Club(s)

Pakistan Cricket Team




3 Stripe Custom shape 31.2 2lb 10oz

Shaan is a technically correct, patient opening batsman, ideal for Test cricket. His role model is England Captain Alastair Cook, which says something about the kind of batsman he wants to become. Hopefully Shaan will spend a lot of time playing against his idol this summer and also show the world just how good B3 Cricket really are.

In the top player stakes, it’s hard for the smaller brands to compete with the big boys who throw a lot of money at sponsorship. Fortunately we cater for the type of cricketer who knows what they want and know you can’t buy the same bat as a pro, “off the shelf”. At B3 we treat everyone the same. If you want a bat the same as Shaan or any other of our pros like Mull (Steve Mullaney, Notts CCC) or Pepsi (Tom Kohlar-Cadmore, Worcester CCC) etc., we will treat you exactly the same. Once we’ve selected the right piece of willow, our advanced manufacturing will make you your perfect cricket bat.