B3 Cricket Bat Grading System

B3 Cricket Bat Grading System

Here at B3 Cricket we only make our bats out of the very finest English willow sourced from the world’s top willow merchants, J.S. Wright & Sons. We only take their top 3 grades and do not use inferior grades. This policy protects B3 customers and ensures the highest quality finished cricket bats.

Below we explain the differences in willow grades. Please note, Standard Grades are always available but Exclusive Grades are limited and therefore subject to availability.


3 Stripe

Our 3 Stripe represents some of the finest Grade 1 English willow available (top 10%).

A 3 Stripe blade will have 6 or more predominantly straight grains and have minimum blemishes. It may also contain up to 1.75 inches of colour on one edge. Each 3 Stripe is “Ping Tested” for optimum performance.

2 Stripe

The 2 Stripe is made from the very highest quality Grade 2 English willow. Whilst not as cosmetically perfect as the higher grades, these bats represent fantastic value for money!

A 2 Stripe blade will have 6 or more grains, but these may not be perfectly straight. The blade may also contain some blemishes which do not affect the performance of the bat.

1 Stripe

Our entry level 1 Stripe bats are made from Grade 3 English willow. Each bat will contain at least 5 grains but may not be straight in every case and will usually contain more cosmetic blemishes than the higher grades. However, these are all completely natural and only affect the bats appearance and not performance.



Our Crown grade bat is extremely rare (0.25 % of our stock) and possess two key attributes; a beautiful clean grain structure and an extremely low density. These pieces of willow enable us to make large profile designs at lower weights.

If you are looking for Crown grade piece of willow, please talk to us but there may be a waiting list.

3 Stripe LE*

LE stands for Limited Edition and represents some of the rarest and finest (top 1%) of the Grade 1 English willow available.

An LE blade will have 6 or more good, straight and even grains with a maximum of 1 inch of colour on one edge. There will be none or very minor blemishes in the playing area. Each LE is “Ping Tested” for optimum performance.

3 Stripe Pro

Our 3 Stripe Pro grade blades are graded and tested in house by our expert bat makers based upon both the performance and density of the willow. A Pro Grade bat may have some imperfections aesthetically but will allow a fuller profile and pro performance.