B3 Cricket Bat Grading System


Here at B3 Cricket we only make our bats out of the very finest English willow.


Because we don’t “mass manufacture” we are able to invest the time to understand the needs of each and every customer to help them select their ideal piece of willow to suit their style of play and budget. Upon arrival at our Nottingham factory we weigh and check the density of each cleft (uncut piece of willow). We then use our expertise to grade each cleft into a One, Two or Three stripe. Please remember that we are always happy to discuss the grain structure, heart (redwood) / lightwood preference, shape and balance with you to help you get your perfect B3 bat.


Below we explain what you can expect from a One, Two, Three stripe or LE bat:


3 Stripe LE*

LE stands for Limited Edition and represents some of the rarest and finest Grade 1 English willow available. Each LE blade will have superb straight and clean grain structure. Each LE is “Ping Tested” for optimum performance.


3 Stripe

Our 3 Stripe represents some of the finest Grade 1 English willow available. Each blade will have superb, predominantly straight grain structure and have minimum blemishes outside of the main playing area. Each 3 Stripe is “Ping Tested” for optimum performance.


2 Stripe

The 2 Stripe is made from very high quality Grade 2 English willow. Cosmetic blemishes may include some light butterfly stain and there may also be pin knots but this will not affect the performance of your bat.


1 Stripe

Made from Grade 3 English willow, our 1 Stripe represents outstanding value for money as our entry level. The grain may not be straight in every case and will usually contain cosmetic blemishes and pin knots which are all completely natural and only affect the bats appearance.


*Only available in adult sizes