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Posted on 26/10/2017 by David Bacon


We recently stepped up our presence in Australia with the launch of our Australian B3 Cricket website. The website address is still the same but our clever internet boffins can tell if you are visiting the site in Australia and show you the all new Australian version of the website – clever eh




Shop in Australian Dollars!

The website is exactly the same as the UK version but enables Australian customers to shop directly in Aussie dollars without variable exchange rates from UK sterling.

Free Shipping to Oz!

We are also offering FREE shipping on all new B3 cricket bats and orders over AU$ 750!


Free Knocking In & Anti Scuff Sheet!

We are also giving away FREE Knocking-In and the fitting of a Anti Scuff Sheet for the 2017/2018 Australian season.

All in all there’s never been a better time to buy a custom made B3 in Australia. All of our bats are made to order and despatched within 5 days!


Other Countries coming soon!

Customers in the USA, India, New Zealand and South Africa – keep an eye out as you will soon have a dedicated website too!


Web / Office +44 115 9770198 / email

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