Getting the Wright Willow for B3 Cricket Bats

March 24, 2022

J.S. Wrights are world renowned as the best in the business when it comes to producing cricket bat willow. The business started in Little Leighs in Essex in 1894 and is still owner managed by the same family.

Our M.D., Michael Blatherwick, met up with Jeremy Ruggles who is the M.D. of Wrights for the first time since the pandemic.

Here is a short video in which they discuss the cricket willow business in more depth and how the business coped through the lockdown.

They discuss the difference between the varying grades of cricket bat willow and some of the key factors when trying to find that blade with perfect ping!

Jeremy goes on to explain the difference that both climate and soil conditions can have on the growing times and the grain structure of a bat.

Finally, they discuss the potential investment opportunities for landowners if they want to grow some English cricket bat willow.