Here at B3 Cricket, we make our cricket bats from the finest English willow and cane handles in our own factory, utilising the most advanced manufacturing processes in the cricket bat industry.

There are lots of factors which affect the lifespan of a cricket bat.

  • The quality of the willow cleft and cane handles.
  • The moisture content of the willow cleft.
  • The design of the bat (size and shape).
  • Preparation for play (knocking-in and oiling)
  • The player, their style of play, technique, and the force with which they strike the cricket ball.
  • The amount of usage leading to wear and tear.
  • Storage in a cool, dry place when not in use.

Because willow is a softwood and a natural product, every cricket bat will deteriorate over time and usage. Please also read our sections on Bat Wear & Tear and Bat preparation & Care.

Our Bat Warranty covers the main manufacturing faults for 12 months. It also covers shoulder splits and delamination for 6 months subject to normal usage, proper bat preparation and care.

Please see the table below for clarity:


Manufacturing or Product Faults Warranty Period
Handle breakage under normal use12 Months
Horizontal split due to willow defect such as storm damage12 Months
Wear & Tear Faults Covered By Warranty Warranty Period
Shoulder splits which are not direct impact related6 Months
Delamination of the hitting surface6 months
Normal wear and tear
Deliberate damage or misuse
Yorker damage to the toe resulting in toe split or cracks
Edge damage from ball impact or mistiming of shot
Impact damage by poor grade, very hard balls
Water damage by rain or damp wickets
Toe fgeathering - Caused by lack or oiling & overzealous bat taping
Damage caused by poor storage conditions - too damp or dry

Please Note: Each warranty case will be assessed by one of our bat experts and their decision shall be final. Anything above and beyond is at the discretion of B3.