Narrow Bat Article

Cricket Bat Making Uncovered: The Narrow Bat Trick!

May 24, 2023

Cricket bat makers use various techniques to make a full profile, lightweight cricket bats.

In this video, B3’s Managing Director, Michael Blatherwick, explains how some manufacturers make narrow, skinny bats giving the impression of a bigger, fuller profile bat at a light weight below 2Ib 10oz.

A full width adult cricket bat should be 108 mm wide (at the front and back of the bat). However, some manufacturers are making adult bats as narrow as 100mm!

Each millimetre shaved off the edge of a cricket bat saves approximately ¾ of an ounce in weight and makes the edges of the cricket bat look much bigger.


This practice is acceptable if you are aware of what you are buying and it’s your choice. Not so fine if you think you are purchasing a full width bat.

Other common practices to save weight include:

  • Using super dry willow at less than the recommended moisture content. This makes cricket bats brittle and subject to more damage.
  • Pressing lightly to leave the bat looking bigger.
  • Making the shoulders and toes super skinny to save weight.
  • Using light skinny handles without twine to save weight.

At B3 we are always open and honest with our customers. We take pride in using only the world’s best, genuine English willow from JS Wrights, which ensures the finest quality cricket bats.