Other Stuff

The B3 Cricket have invested heavily in the B3 Coaching Hub because we are passionate about the future of the game. We want to help both players and coaches to cricket and hopefully help to produce better players at all age groups and levels.

One to One Video Mentoring Sessions

Where we are working with a player or coach on an ongoing basis, we often find it beneficial to have occasional video calls to lay out a plan and develop the relationship.

This facility is brilliant for club coaches who want re-assurance that they are doing the right things with a player or problem. Our aim is to take away the barriers and ensure all stakeholders in a player's development work together to maximise development and enjoyment.

Video Library

We are building a comprehensive, ever evolving, library of cricket coaching videos to help players and coaches identify faults and develop training methods to fix them.


We plan to host a series of Masterclasses, aimed at both players and coaches. Due to the current pandemic restrictions these will be online for the foreseeable future.