Choosing Your B3

3 Ways to Choose Your B3 Belter!

Our brand name, B3, derives from the three options we provide customers when choosing your perfect cricket bat:


Our company motto is Ultimate Choice, Optimum Performance because we believe that our unique service in the world of cricket bats, enables a batsman to choose the bat that will enable them to perform better on the field of play.

Below we explain the differences between the Series, Custom and Bespoke options to help you decide which is best for you:

The Series Range

Our Series range are kept in regular stock across all weights and grades, they are ideal if you need your new bat quickly.

We have used our years of experience and listened carefully to the needs of the modern day cricketer before designing our 3 Series shapes: DB1, DB2 and DB3.

Whilst the shape of each Series bat is fixed, you can still choose your preferred grade of willow, your ideal weight, and handle length/shape and of course your B3 stickers and grip.

The Custom Configurator

If you have a specific shape of bat in mind and it's not within our Series Range then our Custom Bat Configurator is a fantastic tool and enables you to design and personalise your dream cricket bat from literally hundreds of options.

Within this option we have also highlighted our Current Top 6. These are the best-selling B3 Custom bats in line with current trends, player type and what the top Pro's are using.

This unique tool enables our customers to go into precise detail about every aspect of their cricket bat. Don't worry its simple to use you can even email your design or share it with your cricket pals on social media.

Our Bespoke Service

Until now, only the world's top professionals were able to personally design their cricket bats with an expert bat maker. At B3 we bring that “Pro -Service" to the club cricketer! Our fantastic Bespoke service allows you to visit our factory and design your perfect bat from scratch.

Don't worry if you can't visit Nottingham, we also offer the same service online (using Skype) so we can work with you to design your Bespoke B3 bat wherever you are in the world!

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