Bumble Visits B3

We were honored when legendary former England player, coach and now Sky commentator, David 'Bumble' Lloyd visited B3. He was blown away by what we do and he agreed to help explain in video format the real B3 Difference!

The Factory Tour

In this first video Bumble takes you step by step through our entire manufacturing process and shows just why B3 is unique in the world of bat making.

Bumble Shares the B3 Techy Stuff

B3 Cricket have one of the most advanced cricket bat manufacturing facilities in the world. Our ability to design your perfect custom bat and then make it to order, is totally unique. Bumble was amazed at what we can do, not only for the professionals but for amateur and junior players too!

Watch this short video and see for yourself.

Bumble in Search of Perfect PING!

Whilst our bat design and manufacturing is very hi-tech, our bat pressing is very traditional and hands on. We believe that every English willow blade is different and needs treating as such when pressing to achieve the thing that every cricketer wants from his bat - Perfect PING!

Here Bumble shows how we achieve this at B3.

Bumble Makes a Bat!

Bumble was like a kid in a sweet shop when he visited B3… he loves cricket and he loves bats! He couldn't wait to get stuck in and experience a bit of bat making for himself.

Great skills Bumble, when you give up the punditry... you've got a job!

Don't Rely on Lady Luck!

Just like golf clubs, you can now get your cricket bat custom made for you - why go to a Cricket Shop and rely on lady luck picking your cricket bat.