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March 31, 2023

At the heart of B3 Cricket, lies a passion for the sport, and in particular the amateur game and cricket clubs.

We understand that cricket clubs wouldn’t survive without the tireless efforts of enthusiastic volunteers and constant fundraising. We know this first hand because everyone at B3 is deeply involved with their own clubs.

To show our appreciation we launched the B3 Raffle Bat Fundraiser back in 2015 and since then we have helped over 300 clubs raise more than £75,000 towards grassroots cricket!

What’s Involved?

The concept is simple, we provide you with one Series Excel cricket bats at half price (£160) along with a B3 Bat Raffle Poster which has 100 raffle slots. You then sell each slot for, say £5 ($10), and when the sheet is full, the club has raised £340 profit and the lucky winner gets the bat!

The Winner Can Swap the Bat

The lucky winner can either keep the bat, or if it doesn’t suit them in terms of shape, weight etc.., then they can swap it. *

Limited Offer …So Don’t Delay

Each year we put aside 50 bats for clubs who wish to participate in this brilliant fundraiser. If you are interested please send in details about your club and what the funds would be used for, to:

*If the winner swaps to a higher value bat then they pay the difference at normal RRP