July 22, 2022

Name: Abby Harris

Club: Valley District Cricket Club, Queensland

Country: Australia

Cricket Bat: Sublime Elite

Abby’s Comments:

Despite only communicating via email half a world away, I wish to thank Kasey for personalising the customer service experience. Overall, B3 Cricket’s professionalism exceeded my expectations and such a commitment was extremely refreshing. Thanks too for the effort to ensure solid packaging for delivery ‘Down Under.’ Further, I wish to extend my appreciation to the B3 Production Team for plying their trade and crafting an exquisite cricket bat. Above all, the craftsmanship and quality of the B3 cricket bat is second to none. Additionally, you can see the B3 Production Team care deeply about their work by producing a quality product. The pickup, weight, balance and feel are simply unsurpassed and the attention to detail of the specifications provided is outstanding. Consequently, I would not hesitate to recommend a B3 bat to any cricketer who values a bat that is made from modern and traditional processes.