Follow the 4 simple steps below to fully understand our Series range, the Custom options and the Bespoke experience.

Whichever path you choose, every bat is finished to your exact specification (weight, grade, handle, grip and stickers).

STEP 1 Choose your Shape

3 Ways to Choose Your B3

At B3 our aim is to give every customer their perfect cricket bat by offering the same level of choice, customisation and service that a professional international cricketer would get!

SERIES - 3 popular shapes which are always in stock in a variety of grades and weights.

CUSTOM - Our Custom range empowers B3 customers to build their own perfect shape through our online Custom Bat Configurator.

BESPOKE - B3 bring that 'Pro−Service' to the amateur cricketer which means you can design your perfect bat from scratch or even replicate that old favourite?

STEP 2 Choose Your Grade


LE stands for Limited Edition and represents some of the rarest and finest Grade 1 English willow available. Each LE blade will have superb straight and clean grain structure. Each LE is “Ping Tested" for optimum performance.


Our 3 Stripe represents some of the finest Grade 1 English willow available. Each blade will have superb, predominantly straight grain structure and have minimum blemishes outside of the main playing area. Each 3 Stripe is “Ping Tested" for optimum performance.


The 2 Stripe is made from very high quality Grade 2 English willow. Cosmetic blemishes may include some light butterfly stain and there may also be pin knots but this will not affect the performance of your bat.


Made from Grade 3 English willow, our 1 Stripe represents outstanding value for money as our entry level. The grain may not be straight in every case and will usually contain cosmetic blemishes and pin knots which are all completely natural and only affect the bats appearance.

STEP 3 Choose Your Bat Sticker

Finish your Cricket Bat off with your choice of sticker and grip. With 24 stickers and 12 grip options you can personalise the look of your Cricket Bat to suit your tastes.

STEP 4 Bat Extra's

Finish of your cricket bat with our optional extra's








Series Cricket Bats

We have used our years of experience and listened carefully to the needs of the modern day cricketer to design our three Series shapes – TEMPO, IMPERIUM and SUBLIME.

While the shape of each Series bat is fixed, you can still choose your preferred grade of willow, your ideal weight, handle length/shape and, of course, your B3 bat stickers and grip.

Custom Cricket Bats

Our Custom range empowers B3 customers to select their perfect shape through the B3 Bat Configurator.

This tool will help you to narrow down over 250 bat designs to the few which suit your specification and budget. It will also enable you to save your bat specification and either add it to your shopping cart or send the design to your email in a PDF document.

We are there to help you at any time, so if you are unsure, then please feel free to discuss your design with us and we will help you fine tune it and ensure you are happy with your choice.

Bespoke Cricket Bats

Until now, only the world's top professionals were able to personally design their cricket bats with a bat maker. B3 brings that 'Pro-Service' to the amateur cricketer - our bespoke service allows you to visit our factory and design your perfect bat from scratch.

Don't worry if you can't visit Nottingham, we also offer the same service virually (using Teams or Zoom), so we can work with you to design your Bespoke B3 bat wherever you are in the world.

Remember, each B3 cricket bat produced has a unique reference number so we can re-create it in the future. This means that if you want another bat to the same specification or a team mate says: “That's a beauty, I want one just like it", then B3 can make a bat exactly the same.