B3 Coaching Portal

Unlock Your Potential with the B3 Coaching Portal

B3 Cricket are proud to launch our new virtual coaching service utilising advanced artificial intelligence technology to provide elite coaching at an affordable price, wherever you are in the world!

  • Direct access and exposure to the world's best coaches.
  • Build and share your own online player profile.
  • Take your game to the next level through personalised feedback and drills.

The B3 Coaching Portal enables top class coaches to boost their efficiency and provide easy to absorb visual and structured learning for players.

Try for Free!

B3 customers and VIP Club members can try this unique tool completely free of charge.

Simply video yourself batting or bowling for up to 3 minutes and upload by clicking the link below:


We will then use one of our top class (ECB Level 3 and 4) coaches to analyse your video and provide individual feedback and tips to improve your game.

Ongoing Coaching

If you enjoy the B3 Coaching Portal and want to work in more detail on your game, then we can link you to the most appropriate coaches who will charge a fraction of a one to one session.

How it Works

  • Upload your video
    Once you have created an account you can load your batting or bowling videos into the portal. This will then send a note to the system manager and your preferred coach.
  • Coach Analysis
    The coach will receive a notification that you have uploaded a new video. They will use our unique tools to provide comments (written and audio) on your technique and use our snapshot technology to use visuals to demonstrate the coaching points.
  • Library of Videos
    B3 also intend to build a library of coaching point videos to make sure you understand your faults and how to improve upon and fix them.
  • Costs
    If after your free trial, you wish to engage in more depth with a coach then this will cost $20 (approx £16.00) per 15-minute session. This enable you to load 2 videos of up to 3 minutes each for analysis by the chosen coach.